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Kingston High School

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School Spirit

Sailing to Victory: The Unyielding Spirit of Kingston Buccaneers

At the heart of Kingston High School (KHS) pulsates a vibrant school spirit that goes beyond the school colors and mascots—it's a vibrant community characterized by a strong, unifying school spirit that extends beyond the classrooms and sports fields. The school spirit is not just about cheering during sports events or wearing school colors, but also about championing the values of integrity, inclusivity, and excellence. This sense of unity and camaraderie manifests itself during various school events—be it football games, cultural festivals, academic contests, or community service initiatives—reflecting a shared commitment to celebrating diversity and fostering learning.

 Go, fight! Win! Kingston Buccaneers! 

For honor and glory!

As the Buccaneers we'll go out and fight!
Crimson and gold, we'll show our power and might!
So go on Kingston! Play hard and strong!
Sailing to victory is our game!
The Bucs are here to fight hard, and win!
So go Kingston!
So go on Kingston! Play hard and strong!
Sailing to victory is our game!
So go Kingston!
-Lyrics by A. Campagna '07

The essence of the KHS school spirit resides in the heart of its community: the students, educators, and staff, all working collaboratively to create an inclusive and enthusiastic learning environment. It thrives in the classrooms through intellectual curiosity, respectful debates, and collaborative projects, and it lives in the dedication of the educators and the ongoing support from parents, alumni, and the local community. In essence, the school spirit at Kingston High School encapsulates the shared endeavor to empower every Buccaneer on their journey towards personal growth and future success, making it a beacon of unity, resilience, and Buccaneer pride.