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Kingston High School

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At Kingston High School, Home of the Buccaneers, we recognize that true learning goes beyond textbooks and traditional classrooms. Our diverse selection of clubs and activities, largely organized and sponsored by the Associated Student Body (ASB), caters to a wide range of student interests. This not only fosters a vibrant community spirit but also complements the overall educational experience.

The ASB enhances the school environment by planning and executing an array of dynamic events throughout the year. Among the most popular are the spirit weeks, which bring the entire school together under creative themes, encouraging students to proudly express their Buccaneer spirit. Packed with spirited activities and friendly competitions, these special weeks often end with school-wide rallies that create lasting memories.

The school calendar also features three major dances - Homecoming, Winter Dance, and Prom. These events offer a delightful social platform for students to connect, relax, and create shared experiences. Beyond these large-scale events, Kingston High School nurtures a variety of clubs reflecting our students' diverse passions. For those interested in language and culture, the ASL Club and Native American Club provide immersive experiences. The Robotics Club offers a platform for tech-savvy students to innovate and create, while the Drama Club caters to those with a flair for the performing arts.

Thanks to the ASB's steadfast efforts, Kingston High School stands as a lively hub of opportunities, fostering not only academic excellence but also personal growth, leadership development, and lasting friendships. At Kingston High School, we ensure there's a place for everyone. Go Buccaneers!

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Robin Alberts
ASB Coordinator

Suzanne Tapper
ASB Secretary