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Kingston High School

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Kingston High School
26201 Siyaya Ave NE
Kingston, WA 98346
(360) 396-3300
Fax (360) 396-3941
CEEB Code: 480554
Miranda Smallwood
High School Principal
(360) 396-3302

Attendance Hotline
(360) 396-3300 - option 1
Fax: (360) 396-3942

Ed Call
Athletic Coordinator
(360) 396-3312
Phillip Mackey-Moseley
High School Assistant Principal
(360) 396-3306

Counseling Center
(360) 396-3311

Lori Camp
Office Manager
(360) 396-3301


(360) 396-3309


Kingston High School and Its Community

Kingston High School, nestled within the natural landscapes of the Kitsap Peninsula, is more than just an educational institution; it serves as an anchor within the vibrant and diverse community of Kingston, Washington. Located on the western edge of the Puget Sound region and conveniently situated near two ferry routes to the Greater Seattle area, Kingston enjoys a diversified economic base, including the influential Naval Base Kitsap. The rich cultural tapestry of the area is further woven by the Suquamish and S’Klallam Native American Tribes, who form an integral part of the local community and constitute 8.1% of Kingston High School’s student population.

Since opening its doors in September of 2007, Kingston High School has evolved into a microcosm of the larger Kingston community, embodying its diverse socio-economic composition, cultural richness, and forward-thinking spirit. The school operates within the semi-rural North Kitsap School District, which serves Poulsbo, and several unincorporated towns and includes two high schools, two middle schools, and six elementary schools. The unique organizational structure of Kingston High School, which is divided into four small learning communities, allows for a personalized approach to education, creating an intimate, inclusive, and engaging learning environment for all students.

The school's mission and vision are reflective of its strong commitment to the community. Guided by the belief that a quality public education is a civil right and a cornerstone of the American Dream, the school strives to equip its students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success after high school. Beyond academic excellence, the institution places a strong emphasis on civic responsibility and community engagement. Students are encouraged to form connections with the school and the wider Kingston community through involvement in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, work, community services, and civic action. This community-oriented education model fosters the development of well-rounded individuals, ready to take on the challenges of the future and contribute positively to society.

Graduation Requirements

Half a credit is awarded for successful completion of a semester long course. Students must earn a total of 24 credits to graduate. Most students carry a full course load consisting of six classes in both the spring and fall semesters. See course distribution below:

Subject Area Credits
English 4
Social Studies
Physical Education / Heath
Career & Technical Education (CTE)
Visual & Performing Arts
Electives 4
World Language 2
Total Credits Required 24


Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Computer Science Principals
Computer Science
Studio Drawing
3D Design Advanced
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
US History Government & Politics
US History
European History
English Language & Composition
English Literature
Environmental Science
Modern World History
Student Arts

Grades and Class Rank Policy

All grades, by state mandate, are not weighted. All courses, except those denoted with a “E”, “P”, “S”, “W”, or an “NC”, are calculated into a students cumulative GPA and class rank. Students are not ranked until the completion of their junior year. In light of the highly competitive nature of our school and the academic success that most of our students enjoy, a Grade Distribution Chart has been provided to put class rank in the proper perspective. 

Cumulative GPA Distribution Class of 2022

GPA Details
1.0 > 2.0 10
2.1 - 2.49 17
2.5 - 3.09 61
3.1 - 3.49 53
3.5 - 4.0 94


Cumulative GPA Distribution Class of 2022

Student Achievements

Graduated in 4 Years  91.8%
Special Education Population
Free or Reduced Lunch Population
Class of 2021 College Bound Students
Class of 2021 to a 4-year school
Class of 2021 to a 2-year school 
Students completed a dual credit course
Average class size 21


NKHS Staff

Classroom Teachers 58
Support Staff 29
Administrators 3
Average Years of Teacher Experience
Percentage of Teachers with a Master's Degree
Percentage of Teachers with Full Certificate 97.9%
Number of National Board Certified Teachers


NKHS Testing Information

PSAT Scores

Class # Tested Mean Scores  Met
2020 87 EWR 91%
    Math 68%
    Met Both 67%
2021 61 EWR 90
    Math 64%
    Met Both 62%
2022 116 EWR 88%
    Math 64%
    Both 55%

SAT Scores

Class Mean Scores Middle 50% Range
2022 Mean ERW 591 200-800
Math 561 200-800
2021 Mean ERW N/A N/A
Math N/A N/A
2020 Mean ERW 585 500-590
Math 568 500-590

ACT Scores

Class # Tested English Math Reading Science Composite
2022 15 22.9 21.9 26.8 23.5 24
2021 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
2020 61 22.5 22.5 23.7 23 23

AP Enrollment

All School Test Taken Enrollment
2019-2020 390
2020-2021 170
2021-2022 301