Credit Recovery

Quick Reference for Self-Pay Online Courses

(Credit Recovery and New Credits)

When a student fails a core class needed for graduation, he or she must make up the credit in order to remain on track for graduation.

Apply for online credit recovery: Application for Credit Recovery while in remote learning

While KHS offers some credit recovery options during the school day, some students opt to take care of these make up credits independently. FuelEd, BYU and APEX are the most popular options. Students who wish to take an online courseoutside of the school daymust register and pay directly with the online course provider. These programs also offer new credit options. Please consult your school counselor before signing up for any independent program to ensure that the correct classes are selected.*

*Students are responsible for paying for independent study options. They must also ensure that KHS receives official grades/transcripts for independent classes. If a student fails to request these to be sent from to KHS, the course may not be added to his or her high school transcript.

*The resources listed on this site have been comprised to provide families a starting place when seeking support options beyond KHS and North Kitsap School District.It is important to understand the following: KHS and NKSD are not responsible for an expenses incurred by using these services; it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian or adult student to research the viability of these resources and determine if they appropriately meets the needs of the individual seeking support.