While at KHS, students may take advantage of several tutoring and tutorial opportunities. Families may seek outside tutoring help, at a cost to the family, if needed.


During the school day on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday we have Advisory time for students to use as a study hall to work on work, or to travel to get help from their teachers.

Homework Club

Meets after-school from 2:30-3:30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, in the 2nd Floor Blue POD.

Khan Academy

Provides free online tutorials for students. While their content is focused heavily on math and science, they offer videos and lessons in a wide range of topics and class subjects.

*The resources listed on this site have been comprised to provide families a starting place when seeking support options beyond KHS and North Kitsap School District. It is important to understand the following: KHS and NKSD are not responsible for an expenses incurred by using these services; it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian or adult student to research the viability of these resources and determine if they appropriately meets the needs of the individual seeking support.

Independent Tutoring

Please note that KHS does not endorse any particular outside tutor or tutoring program over another.