Study Hall (B.A.S.H.)


All student athletes will participate in B.A.S.H. if they have received Ds, Fs, or Incompletes for the previous grading period.  Grades, attendance, engagement, and behavior will be checked and considered for athletic eligibility. 
Any athlete assigned to B.A.S.H. must attend either HSB Advisory/Intervention with the Teacher(s) of the class(es) in which they are struggling, or B.A.S.H. after school, 2:30-3:00 in the library. The HSB Advisory time is 10:40am to 11:10am M/T/Th/F. Students must attend 2 full sessions, be productive on the items that are causing their academic probation or ineligibility and the session must be documented by the teacher, athletic director, or coach. 
Athletes with Ds who attend BASH 2 times will be eligible to play on academic probation until their grades improve to Cs or better.  Athletes with Fs must attend BASH 2 times but will be ineligible until their grades improve. 
Athletes with Fs in the prior term will be ineligible until current term progress can be verified. 
Athletes with Incompletes will be ineligible until the credit has been recovered and they are back in good academic standing. 

When Ds become Cs you are no longer to required to attend B.A.S.H.


  • When a D becomes a C you will no longer be required to attend B.A.S.H.
  • Those with an F from the prior term will remain on B.A.S.H. until the next term passing grades are posted or until credit recovery is complete. Progress in current classes is the pathway to athlete eligibility.
  • Those with an Incomplete will remain on B.A.S.H. until the teacher confirms credit has been recovered and the grade for that course has been updated.


If Athletes are in Running Start, Homeschool or any other Program outside of KHS they will need to complete the NKSD Progress Report every Two Weeks


The Athletic Director will pull grades for all student-athletes from teachers' grade books in Skyward on the assigned days for eligibility checks.

Check Date Forms Due
Fall Sports (Tryouts: Aug 17 FB, 22 Others)
September 19 September 23
October 10 October 14
October 31 November 4
Post Season Checks
Winter Sports (Tryouts: November 14)
November 28 December 2
January 9 January 13
January 30 February 3
Post Season Checks
Spring Sports (Tryouts: February 27)
March 13 March 17
April 10 April 14
May 1 May 5
Post Season Checks