AP Physics 1 (Period 5)

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Oct 18, 2016
If you want to install Logger Pro on your own computer, send me an email.  aadvani@nkschools.org
If you want help or have questions or want to use a classroom computer, come to the Orange Pod on Wednesday.  I will be the pod hall monitor during PSAT testing. 

Oct 17, 2016
  1. Check and turn in: (2-C) and (3-A).

  2. Be ready for the lab challenge on the next page.   I will test you tomorrow.  Find and use string, known masses (the brass ones are best), and protractors.  It works well to tape the protractor to the lower string, and then not handle it at all while using the apparatus.   Set up one or more trials, and make sure you are able to predict the third force, knowing the first two.    Clean up well. 

  3. Use Logger Pro to analyze the video that shows you yourself accelerating.   Find your average acceleration (in m/s2), and compare it with the acceleration of the other students in your group.  Also calculate your acceleration in g’s, and find your maximum speed (in m/s and mi/hr).  Prepare a typed lab writeup that explains the whole process: what you did, your results, and how you got your results.  Use the formula-writing feature of your word processing software (such as Equation Editor in MS Word) to write out any equations you use with a horizontal fraction bar, subscripts or superscripts, or other necessary formatting.  Include one or more screenshots of the video, showing the dots and the ExamineàTangent tool on the screen.  Include three computer graphs of your motion: x versus t, v versus t, and a versus t.   (These can be straight outta Logger Pro, or you can export your raw data to a spreadsheet.)   Due Wednesday.

  4. Look at Chapter 3, Problems 37 (pg 68), Problem 50 (pg 69), and Problem 65 (pg 70).   Don’t need to solve them. 


    This lesson plan is posted on my web page.  Use the class period for physics, not for other activities.   Work until the bell rings.  Clean up well.  Have a great day and shine brilliantly.

    -Mr. Advani

Welcome to AP Physics!
Tuesday, Sept 12, 2016
Watch the half-hour video "Frames of Reference" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRDOqiqBUQY.  Take notes, and jot down your ideas on a sheet of looseleaf paper with your name on it. Can be brief.   After watching, jot down one or more questions you have about the film or the ideas in it.  Turn in Friday Sept 16.

"Gut Feeling" - Due Wednesday.  Ask questions tomorrow.

Lab: Greatest Coaster - Write a clear conclusion that answers the original question using the experimental results. 

Flip-flop Units.  Turn in Tues Sept 13 for a completion check (done but not necessarily perfect).

Assignment (2-A) from the textbook.  Turn in Tues Sept 13 for a completion check (done but not necessarily perfect).

With your group, plan how you will film (video-record) several events in order to answer questions about how much each group member can accelerate.    Each group member should accelerate using a different method.   Tomorrow I will show you how to use on-screen analysis of a video recording to produce a table of data and graphs of your motion. 

Tomorrow be sure to ask any questions you have (about the written assignments, or anything) at the beginning of class, just after the warmup. 

If you did not email me over the summer, please do so this week. 

Thank you.

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