Landvatter, Erin

Erin Landvatter
AP English Language and Composition
World Literature (English 10)

About me:
Teaching at Kingston High School is my dream! 
I adore our students, I love my subject, and I greatly admire the entire Kingston community.
If you need to contact me, email is best:

AP English Language & Composition
Work Synthesis Project – Survey URL and Instructions

AP Students: 
Please have at least ten adults (aged 30 or older) take the following survey by April 9th.  We will compile the data and use it as we continue to think about and discuss the idea of meaningful work.

Parents, friends, and community members interested in taking the survey: 
First, thank you.  We appreciate your willingness to help us as we investigate the nature of work and fulfillment. 

To access the survey, please copy and paste the following URL in a new browser: -- and, obviously, feel free to only answer those questions you feel comfortable answering. 

Thanks again for your assistance!