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To the Class of 2020 and Spring Sport Athletes:


No words can replace what you have lost or help you navigate better this unprecedented experience.  All of the staff at KHS wishes the best for you and your families and we all hope that we can continue to support you as you move forward.  


I am encouraged by your resolve and that you will be the leaders of our communities through your continued growth and strong Buccaneer spirit!   Your families, friends, coaches, teachers and neighbors will grow stronger with you.  I do not have any magic advice or wisdom you cannot already find other than to remind you to rely on those relationships to help you with the good and bad times ahead.  I have experienced the greatest education of my professional career through my four years serving Kingston High School.  I also struggle with the missed opportunities to say goodbye and to bring closure to my journey here as I move on to an opportunity to serve the community I grew up in.  


Thank you for your service to our school and programs.  You have worked to make KHS and the Kingston community a better place and we hope to continue that for our future Bucs!


If you ever need something that I can help with please don’t hesitate to look me up,


Richard Henert   M.Ed, CAA
Athletics and Activities Coordinator
Kingston High School
26201 Siyaya Ave NE
Kingston, WA  98346
Office: (360)396-3312
Cell:  (360)710-6795
Fax:  (360)396-3941

PS:  my future work e-mail is

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Letter to Release Student to Ride Home with Parents from Events

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Athletic Secretary:
Judy Lawrence

Athletic Director: 
Richard Henert 
Office: 360-396-3312
Cell Phone: 360-710-6795

Athletic Trainer: Anden Hormann


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