Our volunteers make an impact on the lives of students every day. Whether you are a parent interested in getting more involved at your child's school or a community member who wants to have an impact on your local community, we welcome you and thank you for the gift of your time.


Your COVID vaccination card MUST be copied by NKSD staff at the building where you will be volunteering. They will attach it to the volunteer packet and send a copy to HR.

As we welcome back our parent and community volunteers, we have new guidelines in place to ensure everyone's safety:

  • Due to the lapse of time caused by COVID, all those wishing to volunteer in the North Kitsap School District must reapply.
  • All North Kitsap volunteers must:
    • Provide their COVID vaccination cards to the District before having access to students and/or buildings
    • Be fingerprinted if:
      1. You are an Options volunteer
      2. You will be driving students
      3. You will be accompanying students on any overnight activities
      4. You are an athletic volunteer
      5. You will be working one-on-one with any student(s)

IMPORTANT: If any of the above criteria for fingerprinting applies to you, you will not be allowed to volunteer in those capacities until your fingerprint results have been cleared by the Washington State Patrol and the FBI. You will receive additional notification by email from Human Resources when we receive this information.

(If you have been fingerprinted within the past two years, please contact Liz Campbell at ecampbell@nkschools.org)

Directions for Submitting Volunteer Packet

  1. Download and complete a Volunteer Packet (ENGLISH VERSION) or (SPANISH VERSION).
  2. Volunteer approval is good for two years. After two years, volunteers must complete a new application. Volunteers who have been fingerprinted for unsupervised activities must keep their volunteer status current to maintain this clearance. - District staff who wish to volunteer and their participation in the volunteer activity is outside of their job duties, must also complete a volunteer application. Please allow at least 10 business days for your application to be processed.
  3. Review the following district policies and procedures before volunteering:
    • 3207, 3207P Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
    • 3421, 3421P Sexual Harassment of Students Prohibited
    • 5011, Sexual Harassment of District Staff Prohibited
    • 5253, 5253P Maintaining Professional Staff/Student Boundaries
    • 5201 Drug-Free Workplace
  4. Submit completed applications to your local school office. Have them copy your COVID vaccination card. They will attach it to your application and will send it to Human Resources.
  5. You will be notified by email or mail of your volunteer status and receive a copy of your Washington State Patrol Background Check within 10 days after receipt. A notification will also be sent to the volunteer coordinator at the school(s) you have indicated on your application.

North Kitsap School District reserves the right to deny a volunteer applicant for any reason.

Driving on a Field Trip

An Approval for the Use of Private Vehicle Form is only needed for special circumstances and volunteers must have administrative approval prior to the planned trip. These forms must be returned to the individual school office. If you are a current district employee, you must also obtain a Type II District Driving Authorization from Transportation Services.

Athletic Volunteering 

If you would like information on becoming an Athletic Volunteer, please visit the Athletic Volunteers page of the website. Please note that athletic volunteers require head coach and athletic coordinator permission prior to processing.