Continued Remote Learning

Continued LearningThe latest guidance from state has shifted learning expectations from supplemental during the statewide school closures to providing continuous learning in grades PreK-12. In partnership with NKEA, we have built a plan to continue instruction to the extent possible. We will modify this plan based on any new guidance.

While ongoing, remote learning cannot fully replace students’ experiences in schools with their teachers, administrators, and support staff, this approach will help ensure our students are prepared for the next step in their educational journey. Below is a summary of key information and what families and students can expect. Additional information can be found in the Elementary and Secondary level Continued Remote Instruction Plan and in a general FAQ.

Starting April 13, 2020

Teachers will guide weekly instructional activities and tasks that support daily learning, but we will not attempt to replicate a 6-hour school day. With many adults working from home and juggling other responsibilities, we want to provide flexibility for students to complete assignments at times when they have family support and supervision.

Teachers will connect regularly with students and provide opportunities for families and students to reach out to them for support, as needed.

We will provide access to paper/pencil instructional materials as needed.

We will collaborate with the families of students with Individualized Education Plans and English language needs to do our best to meet students’ individual needs.

Know that first and foremost, we are all here to offer our continued support of your student's growth and learning during these challenging circumstances. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your student's teacher, counselor or principal for clarity or support.

See details on our Continued Remote Instruction Plan pages: