Landvatter, Erin

Erin Landvatter
AP English Language and Composition
English 9 & English 10
Forms of Fiction

About me:
Teaching at Kingston High School is my dream! 
I adore our students, I love my subject, and I greatly admire the entire Kingston community.

Once the school year begins, I will provide each student with a specific code so that he or she can join the appropriate course page on  You will be able to find my syllabi (course outlines) there.

If you need to contact me, email is best:

Looking forward to seeing you in the 2019-2020 school year,
Erin Landvatter

Attention AP English Language & Composition Students:
Summer Assignment...
If you are registered for AP Lang, you have an assignment due on the first day of school.  Given that there may be students who are new to our school or who did not receive the form before school was out last year, there will be a very brief grace period for those who haven't finished by September 4th.

To save yourself stress and heartache, finish these fairly low-key activities by the first day of school:
1)  Read a book for your own enjoyment. It can be any genre, but should be at your reading level.  Bring the book with you on the first day of school.

2)  Follow a political, social, or cultural issue throughout the summer.  This issue can be local, national, or international.  Check reliable sources of information at least three times during the summer, and take notes on what you read.  (Make sure to cite your sources in proper MLA format!)  Come to school ready to discuss your issue--and make sure you have your notes, too!

3)  Finally, go outside and play.  You can take a pet for a walk, swim in Puget Sound, sit on your lawn--just make sure you pay attention to the sensory details around you.  When you return indoors, jot down what you observed.

Class Blog...
Once school starts, you'll receive instructions on how to access our class blog. There will be specific times this year when you will need to complete assignments on this blog, so make sure you're familiar with how to use it early on.  

Again, I'll provide you with all instructions after school begins.

See you soon!