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Ms. Holly van Weezendonk

KHS & Choice Health

During school closure March 16 to April 2


  • Finish late or missing work
  • Finishing watching Super Size Me on youtube free
  • DO unit 1 TEST if you were ABSENT

Weeks 1 through 3 Nutrition Unit

  1. Week 1 Monday April 13: Read Ch. 3 in your textbook. Do Ch. 3 Vocab.

     Over the next week or so, Keep a DETAILED 3 day food log on the worksheets provided. Record what, how much you ate of each, 1 cup, 1 oz, serving size. You will need this information later on. (Daily Food Log 2020)

  2. Week 2 Monday April 20   Finish doing your 3 day food log.  Fill out the plate diagrams for each meal. Make sure you are charting your food in the correct food group. (Daily My Plate Log 2020)

  3. Week 3 Monday April 27 Do your daily calorie log. This is where you will take your 3 day food log and calculate the number of calories you ate. This is why you must be detailed on your food log. (Daily Calorie Log 2020)

  4.  The Supersize Me worksheet can be turned in for extra credit. You can watch the movie free on youtube.

Weeks 4 and 5 Tobacco & Alcohol

  •  Week 4: May 4, 2020     Read chapter 9 in your textbook. Please complete the Smoking packet worksheets and the 9.1 worksheet. Read the Tobacco Timeline on Ms. van Weezendonk's KHS website, under documents. 
  • Week 5: May 11, 2020   Read chapter 10 in your textbook. Please complete the Alcohol packet and work sheet 10.1. Read the file Alcohol on the Body on Ms. van Weezendonk's KHS website under documents.

 Week 6 and 7 Illegal Drug Research Project May 18-29

  1. You will be responsible for researching an illegal drug and making a presentation. Please see the instructions below. .

  2. READ CH. 11 in your textbook. In ch. 11 there are paragraphs on many of the listed drugs.

Instructions: Researching an Illegal Drug

            As a group, or individually, your task is to inform your classmates about a specific drug. You will be responsible for presenting to them information about the drug, including what it looks like, effects, side effects, overdose, symptoms of withdrawal, and the treatment options. You will need to create a poster, pamphlet, video or powerpoint, which will contain all of this information. You will be able to gather information from internet research and your health book. Remember that you are giving your classmates all the information that they will receive on this topic, so be through!

1. What is the drug -Describe

2. What does it do to your body?

3. Withdrawal – what is it, what happens?

4. Treatment – how, what kind?

5. Any odd facts or statistics about the drug

6. Sources

Week 8 June 1st to 5th

  1. Read chapter 20 in your textbook. You will start learning about the male and female anatomy and pregnancy.
  2. Complete the male and female anatomy worksheets
  3. Complete the practice test worksheets for Ch. 20

  • Please turn in completed work by Friday of each week.  


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Health & PE - Choice Academy room 7
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