Volunteer & Service Opportunities

An education is not limited to what one might find in a book or at school. Volunteer and service opportunities abound, and you may find that serving others will teach you more about yourself than you might think.

While at KHS we encourage ALL students to get involved in volunteer work. Get involved in clubs and service activities at KHS. Some local organizations also offer volunteer opportunities:

  • Kingston Kiwanis
  • Kingston North Kitsap Rotary
  • Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce
  • Kingston Garden Club
  • Village Green Foundation
  • Kingston Friends of the Library
  • Kitsap Arts and Crafts
  • Kingston Food Bank
  • Kingston Historical Society
  • ShareNet Food Bank and Thrift Shop
Other volunteer opportunities may also exist through local sports leagues, churches, schools, community clubs or with the Suquamish or S'Klallam tribes. 

Other Post High School service work may provide opportunities to apply skills learned in high school and/or college while gaining valuable life and professional experience. (Some of these programs allow participants to travel around the country and/or world at little or no cost.)

  • Peace Corps - Founded in 1961 by President Kennedy, volunteers serve 27 months working in a developing country. Volunteers often learn a new culture and language, while applying their skills. Volunteers typically have their bachelor's degree and/or years of work experience.
  • AmeriCorps - AmeriCorps provides ample opportunities for high school and college grads to work in under-served communities across America. Commitment and placement in the program varies.
  • Teach for America - Teach in under-served areas around the US. Participants must hold a bachelor's degree and may have the school and education opportunities available.
  • WWOOF - Participants in World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming travel around the world and the US to work on organic farms. Stays and opportunities vary.

 (Some of these programs offer conditional scholarship or loan programs - a loan that is partially or completely forgiven if the recipient renders service.)