AP Computer Science - STEM careers and majors
Class materials are being made available to students online here. Students must log into Microsoft with their school-ID-number@nkschools.org email account and their school password that they use to log into a school computer.
AP Computer Science A is the equivalent of a first college course in object-oriented programming. Students learn to program in Java. Students should check with the college they plan on attending to determine what credit would be awarded for a passing AP score.
What makes this course interesting? - - Learn to apply programming tools and solve complex through hands-on experiences and examples. This course dives deeply into Java programming code and syntax.
What makes this course challenging? - - Unlike History or Math, many students have no prior school experience in programming. It's a steep but rewarding experience to try something you're never tried before.
So, do I need programming experience? - - While it is helpful to have prior experience, many students have no prior skills but learn rapidly as they learn and practice this new language. If you'd like a slower pace, you may choose to take either Game Programming or AP CS Principles first. Check them out.
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Last Modified on October 28, 2017