AP CS Principles - all majors and careers
 Available 2018-19 school year
world of opportunities
AP CS Principles is the equivalent of a first-year general computer science college course intended for a variety of college majors. This course introduced students to the foundational concepts of computer science including cybersecurity and computer programming algorithms.  Students are challenged to explore how computing and technology impact their world and creatively apply their skills to write two programming apps in their own interest areas. As always, students should check with the college they plan on attending to determine what credit would be awarded for a passing AP score.
What makes this course interesting? - - Discovering your interests so you can design apps that appeal to you.
What makes this course challenging? - - Unlike History or Math, many students have no prior school experience in programming. It's a  rewarding experience to try something you're never tried before.
So, do I need programming experience? - - While you will program apps in this course, the focus is on broader programming concepts and making sure students thoroughly understanding algorithms so they're prepared for a deeper programming course such as AP Computer Science A. If you'd like a slower pace, you may choose to take either Game Programming first. 
More information:
All class materials including curriculum and assignments are available online at moodle.nkschools.org. Students must log into the site with their school ID number and password. 

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