Palermo, Dianna
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Phone: 360-394-3345

About Me
Wow! I've been at the district for twenty years. I currently hold teaching certifications in Mathematics, Computers and Engineering.

Oddly enough, I initially went to college right out of high school but had no idea of who I wanted to be or what I wanted to do so I stopped after the first year. I worked for Radio Shack repair at the beginning of home computers and then completed the electronics mechanic apprenticeship at the naval shipyard. I really enjoyed swinging around the sonar dome inside submarines! While I earned my associate's degree through the apprenticeship, I still didn't see the need for more college. After all, I had industry certifications and a good salary.

It wasn’t until I worked with the students, teachers and computers at Breidablik Elementary that a higher college degree began to seem useful. I then discovered that I liked working with high school students so I went back to college. This time, I had a goal although it was hard working and going to school at the same time. Now, most companies look for at least some college classes. As jobs have recovered after the recession, less than 10% of the jobs have gone to people with only high school diplomas. Times have changed.

At home, I share my life with four border collies and a sweet little mix from Iran. All of these dogs were once our own fosters. Luckily they could see I needed rescuing. Dobby is mischievous, grabbing everyone's belongings and hiding them. Jenny is shy and sweet except when there's a motorcycle around and then she turns into a demon. Jake is goofy and has a Jimmy Durante laugh "ha-cha-cha-cha". Angie has the intense focus of BC but she also gets excited at times and does a little dance with her front feet. Charlie is loving, vocal and always ready for good things to happen.  I also have four two-legged sons who all made different choices for post-secondary training, education and careers. We have a shipwright, an electrical engineer, a watch-maker/tool & die mechanic and a helicopter powerplant repairer in the family. Everyone is happy and healthy and that’s what counts.

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