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Thanks for visiting our class web page! I hope you are as excited for your year in ART as I am to teach you!
Here at KHS, we offer Art I & II, 2D Art & Design, 3D Art & Design, Advanced 2D, Advanced 3D and AP Studio Art Drawing, 2D Design, & 3D Design.

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43rd Annual Regional High School Art Show!!
Here are this  year's KHS entries in the Regional High School Art Show. A hearty congratulations to Kindra Smith, Lena Musselman, Randy Toop, Tiana Deam, Jon Rivera and Joe Kunesh! Their works were chosen by their peers and KHS staff to represent our school. They competed against numerous works from other area high schools to move on to the Washington State High School Art Show and Competition. Out of the seven works chosen as Regional Winners, three belonged to our Buccaneer artists!  All of the works are displayed  at the ESD for the month of February and the public is asked to vote for their favorite. The one work receiving the most votes wins the $200 People's Choice Award and becomes part of the ESD 114's permanent display of student art. This year, KHS student Lena Musselman won the People's Choice Award, with her work, The Goddess. Since this was also one of the Regional Winners, Lena had to choose which honor to accept. She choose the People's Choice Award and, so, this beautiful drawing of her best friend will hang at the ESD building, forever! :)
Way to go Bucs!!

Joe Kunesch.jpgJon Rivera.jpgKindra Smith 1.jpgKindra Smith 2.jpgLena Mussleman 2.jpgLena Mussleman.jpgRandy Toop.jpgTiana Deam.jpg

Here is some more beautiful work from our Advanced & AP Studio Art classes. These are just some of the visual art course opportunities available to our KHS students. 

Advanced & AP Studio Art Gallery

Abbey Lenenstein 1.JPGAbbey Levenstein 2.JPGAbbey Levenstein 3.JPGAnna Rushmer 1.jpgCassidy Sanders 1.jpgCassidy Sanders 2.jpgDylan Taylor 1.jpgDylan Taylor 2.jpgForrest Taylor 1.jpgForrest Taylor 2.jpgForrest Taylor 2v2.jpgForrest Taylor 3.jpgForrest Taylor 4.jpgForrest Taylor 5.jpgForrest Taylor 6.jpgForrest Taylor 6v2.jpgForrest Taylor 7.jpgFrancene Higman 1.jpgFrancene Higman 2.jpgFrancene Higman 3.jpgFrancene Higman 4.jpgJosh Mcleod 1.jpgLajoie Bradley 1.jpgSelene Duffy 1.jpgSelene Duffy 2.jpgSelene Duffy 3.jpgTabby Clifford 1.jpgTabby Clifford 2.jpgTabby Clifford 3.jpg

​   This year, The Festival of The Arts will continue its journey around the district! To truly become a district and community-wide event, our district arts department think it is important to rotate the location to different schools each year. This year, our amazing event will be held back where it all started--at the Kingston Middle School building! Thirteen years ago, the first FOTA was held at what was then Kingston Junior High--the show lived there until it moved to Kingston High School in 2007. Now that the show travels every year, it is once again time for the halls of KMS to be filled with art and music from our students and community!  This year's show will take place on April 29th from 5-9PM. Look for updates on the show, like special guests and performances, right here as the year goes on!
Our Buccaneer artists are always making new and wonderful work. Check back here often to view their latest creations


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Our Facebook page, much like this page, will have galleries of student work as well as students posting their own new works. If, for any reason, you do not want your student’s work posted on any of our class pages, please send an e-mail or written note to Mr. Andrews here at the art department. If you like seeing your kid’s work celebrated on our web pages you don’t have to do a thing ---just sit back and enjoy!
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