AP Biology

Welcome to AP Biology! The Advanced Placement Biology class is equivalent to the biology survey course usually taken freshman year of college. This exciting and rigorous curriculum requires significant time and effort on your part due to the range and depth of topics covered as well as the extensive lab work. But it is incredibly rewarding too.
Rather than accumulating facts, the primary emphasis of the course is on developing a conceptual understanding of biology beginning with the unifying themes that integrate the major topics covered. You will  have personal experiences in scientific inquiry, applying biological knowledge and critical thinking skills to innovative problem solving solutions.
In order to qualify for college credit, you will need a score of 3, 4, or 5 on the AP Biology exam given next May. Since the accepted qualification score varies from college to college,  check with your school choice. In addition, you will need to keep your lab journal as some colleges will not give college credit for the lab portion without first examining it.
For many students, this is one of the first times they are challenged to fully utilize their potential. The intrinsic rewards go far beyond Advanced Placement Credit. So, knock yourself out... like most things in life, you truly get out of this course what you put in to it.
Last Modified on September 1, 2015