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Click this: Physics in the Earth System, (Periods 1, 2, 5 and 6, Physical Science).

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interesting and famous-or-not-famous people:
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C.V. Raman


Juanita and Wally Nelson

wally and juanita nelson

"Nonviolence is the constant awareness of the dignity and humanity of oneself and others;  it seeks truth and justice; it renounces violence both in method and in attitude; it is a courageous acceptance of active love and goodwill as the instruments with  which to overcome evil and transform both oneself and others. It is the willingness to undergo suffering rather than inflict it. It excludes retaliation and flight."  -Wally Nelson

Go to the Collision Lab page of the excellent and reputable PhET Physics website (you can "download" the simulation or just click "Run Now") AND
go to Walter Fendt's simulation web site, where you can scroll down in the Mechanics section to Elastic and Inelastic Collision.
The animations in video games are usually very attractive but not always physically accurate.  The sites above, and Surendranath Reddy's Applets, simulate the real thing. 
Bullet dropped and bullet fired, by Adam and Jamie.  Watch part 4
and part 5.
Thomas Young
Wiggle a wrench to make TRAVELING WAVES (choose "no end') and STANDING WAVES (choose "fixed end")
Wave interference help:
Four types of waves animated very clearly (longitudinal, transverse, water and Rayleigh)
PHYSICAL SCIENCE Textbook  Click on this link:

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