Senior Information
Seniors, please carefully read the following information about senior yearbook photos.

* A strict dress code is in place and must be followed, if you wish your photo to be printed in the senior section of the yearbook.
MALES: Must wear a dress shirt with a collar and a tie.
FEMALES: A semi-formal top that fits school dress code; the lowest point of your shirt must be within 2" (two inches) of your collarbone.

OPG will be at Kingston High on August 29th from 9 am to 11 am for Senior Upperclassmen Orientation.

You can have your photo taken at Orientation, on Missed Day or at retakes (November 15th during both lunches). You may also visit Olympic Photo Group's Studio in Silverdale.
DEADLINE TO SUBMIT PHOTO: Senior photos are due by November 15th and must be taken by OPG. This is a free shot, so schedule an appointment in their studios if you missed having your photo taken at school.