Welcome to Theatre!

This year we are excited to offer a full year of theatre arts education. 

In the fall semester we will be offering technical theatre (appears as Drama TM on your schedule).  This course will give an overview of the entire production process through the many technical fields of theatre.  We will learn lights, sound, stage management, marketing, set design, costume design, and props.  Students in this course will choose a play to produce, design and create all technical elements and submit a final portfolio at the end of the semester.  Students have the option to compete with their technical portfolio at the Northwest Regional Thespian Festival in January.   

In the spring semester we will be offering the regular theatre course (appears as Drama on your schedule).  This course provides an overview of the history of theatre, acting, directing,  playwrighting, and musicals.  Students will continue the work done by the fall semester, however will cast, rehearse, and perform the chosen play for the student body and parents.  Students who took the fall semester may take a technical role in the production.  Students who have previously taken this course will take on leadership roles.

Significant collaboration work will be done online via the Teams app. Please check often. 


This course has a dual-enrollment option!  If you take the course for the entire year you may earn college credit for Theatre 107 through CWU.  This course counts as an arts elective and a writing elective.  The credit is transferrable to all 4 year universities in Washington State (and most universities outside Washington).  Even if you are not intending on majoring in Theatre this is a great chance to get your arts elective completed while in high school and if you are attending school is Washington State it completes 1 of your 4 required writing electives. 

The cost is $55 per credit and is offered during the Spring Semester.  The fall course is a required prerequisite for this option (exception may be made with technical theatre experience).