Study Hall (B.A.S.H.)


   All athletes will need to participate in the bi-weekly eligibility check. Every other Wednesday students will be checked on their behavior & academics for each class.  An athlete receiving a "D" in any category would be eligible only if the student-athlete attends Buc Academic Study Hall twice per week until his/her status changes to a "C" or better.  An athlete receiving an "F" will not be eligible to compete until the next date of the grade pull from Skyward unless the student gets their grade up and the teacher sends an email to the athletic secretary.  If the sport has multiple contests in a given week, the athlete may recheck his/her eligibility status the day after the contest in which he/she did not compete. 
BASH is offered four days per week (Monday-Thursday.) from 7:20-7:50 am in the library.  Athletes may not play in a contest unless they have met this requirement.  CLICK HERE for BASH guidelines/procedures. 



   All athletes must pick up the yellow eligibility check forms from any of the offices every other Tuesday and have it filled out by all of their teachers. The form must be returned to their coach the following Thursday once completed.

*If Athletes are in Running Start, Homeschool or any other Program outside of KHS they will need to complete the NKSD Progress Report every Two Weeks 

CLICK HERE for the Running Start/Homeschool/Alternative School Grade Check Form
CLICK HERE for the Plan of Action Form
CLICK HERE for a Printable Version of the Eligibility Check Dates.


The Athletic Director will pull grades for all student-athletes from teachers’ grade book in Skyward on the assigned days below for eligibility check.

Check Date

Forms Due

FALL SPORTS (Tryouts: August 26)

September 17

September 20

October 8

October 29

October 12

November 1

Post Season Checks


WINTER SPORTS (Tryouts: November 18)

December 3

December 5

January 7

January 28

January 10

January 30

Post Season Checks


SPRING SPORTS (Tryouts: March 2)

March 17

March 20

April 14

May 5

April 17

May 8

Post Season Checks