Awards Ceremony

This form needs to be filled out by the head coach and emailed to the Athletic Secretary to create the certificates and patches.
This form needs to be filled out by the head coach and emailed to the Athletic Secretary to order the special award plaques.
Coaches should organize award presentations to be about 10-15 minutes.
  • Thank everyone who helped with your season
  • Keep comments about the season brief and positive
  • Make sure every player is introduced by name
  • Call entire team forward and present the special awards
  • Do the talking for your team
  • Conduct the awards portion of your program
  • Thank people special to your season
  • Comments about your season should be brief and positive
  • Save time for the varsity coach to make most of the comments
  • Call entire team forward and present any special awards
  • Unexcused absent players - no comments
  • Public predictions or announcements of next year's varsity players are unfair to underclassmen. Everyone deserves a chance to make varsity
  • There are parents in the audience e who care only about their athlete. Play-by-play descriptions of a season makes your presentation drag and takes time away from honoring the teams
  • Be positive - no excuses need to be made for anything
  • Double check names, grade level and jersey number
  • Talking about the past (coaches and players)
  • Predictions about the future
  • Anecdotes not appropriate for a more formal awards ceremony
  • Recruiting next year's team
  • Talking about other teams or other schools on any level
  • We are not inferior to any team we play
  • Season review - keep it short and positive
  • If you plan to resign from your coaching position, please do not announce this at the awards night
  • Coaches should give the certificates, letters, pins, bars, etc. at the end of the ceremony
  • Most Valuable and Most Improved and other special awards authorized for your sport should be given at the end of your presentation