Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join the GSA?

A: See the "How to Join" page. Members: attend meetings!


Q: Do you have to be a Kingston High School student in order to join this GSA?

A: No. Middle Schoolers are welcome as well as recent graduates. Students from North are also invited.


Q: What do you do at GSA meetings?

A: The agenda varies. Some days we just chill, some days we organize events.


Q: How do I contact members of the GSA?

A: Visit the "contact GSA" page for member emails.


Q: Do I have to be gay to join?

A. No. Anyone of any sexuality is welcome.


Q: Is the GSA confidential?

A: Yes. We value our members and their privacy. Nothing will be disclosed without your permission, including pictures or quotes.

  Last Modified on October 25, 2011